Monday, August 29

Freddie for a day: Batwing Freddie+ make up

Hello readers!

A special item today! It's almost september 5, time for a lot of Freddie for a day inspirations! This time: Bat wing Freddie + make up! Good luck with it!

The bad wing top:
To make this white top create a poncho shape from a full circle of white fabric, such as an old bed sheet....

Measure the length of your body from the base of your back neck down to below your hips/bottom. You could use a piece of string.
This will give you the radius of your poncho circle.
Draw onto your fabric using the string and a pencil as your compass.
Cut a circular hole in the middle of the fabric, large enough to go over your head.
Put the poncho on and get a pal to draw/mark with a pencil, a line from under each arm straight down the sides of your body front and back.
Sew these lines together to create the batwing sleeves. Then carefully press in the pleats with an iron.

The pants:
Use skinny jeans or a legging in a light color, like white or vanilla.

Use ballerina shoes or Nike's

Make up:
This is the make up look, this beautiful drawing is made by my friend Violet. (if you like the painting, check out her site) The winged eyeliner is very long and goes up, don't forget to apply eyeliner on the eyebrows to!

You can use a tribal spike bracelet, a leather bracelet or a very small silver bracelet.

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