Thursday, January 2

The Dutch top 2000

Ever heard of the top 2000? In the Netherlands it's one of the most populair events of the year! Every year, at the second christmas day (in the Netherlands we have 2 christmas days) they start with a list of 2000 top songs! And guess who's on #1? Right!

It's not the first time Bohemian Rhapsody was the #1 ''ever''! No, the top 2000 had it's 15th edition this year, and it was the 13th time Bohemian Rhapsody was #1!! I think we as Queen fans can be very proud of that!

I was wondering... what makes Bohemian Rhapsody so special? What is your opinion about that?

You can check out the Dutch top 2000 list here!

Tuesday, August 20

Killer Queen by Katy Perry (the fragrance)

I am not even talking about a song cover today! No, I am talking about a fragrance! Killer Queen is the new fragrance by Katy Perry!

The fragrance ''Killer Queen'' is inspired by the song of Queen (of course). Katy says she wanted to be a Killer Queen when she was younger. In my opinion, she became a killer queen as well! The fragrance is meant for the woman who wants to be a killer queen, guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime!

Sunday, August 18

The I Am A Red Special newsletter! Queen news in your mailbox!

Hello there. I have some great news for you! Do you like to receive Queen news in your mailbox? Feel free to join the I Am A Red Special newsletter with Queen news every 2 weeks!

There will be entertainment, serious talks, opinions, fun stuff and do it yourself projects.

Feel free to join this fun newsletter. You can join in by filling in the form on the left side of the website.

Do you have a great idea, a great website or just a tip? You are free to tell me so I can improve this newsletter!

Friday, July 19

Happy Birthday Brian!

I don't think you read it, Brian. But for those who read it, have a happy Brian birthday :)

Monday, July 8

The new online Queen Store (official!)

Have you guys already checked out the new items on the official Queen store?
There are a lot of new items! Have you already checked out the now clothing, accesoiries, books and mugs? I'm sure there'll be something you'd like! Check the store here!

Saturday, June 8

News: The Freddie Mercury& Princess Diana story

This news is hot in England! Comedian Cleo Rocos has written a new book, and in this book she tells about princess Diana.

''Comedian Cleo Rocos claims that in the late 1980s she and Kenny Everett accompanied the pair to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, south London, with the princess dressed in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses.''

So, Cleo Rocos claimed that princess Diana had a party at a gay club in the late 1980's. On that same party were our Freddie and Kenny Everett.  The conclusion of Cleo Rocos is not just a  presumption, she claimed to help Diana in fact. The fact that Freddie and Kenny where at the party is -according to Cleo- the reason that no one took a look at Diana.

Tuesday, May 28

Funny Queen moments- The Game

With 2 friends I was on the computer on school watching random pics. I showed my friend a picture of the album The Game, to show how the Queen members look like.

Friend: ''Woaw! Is there seriously a Queen game? That is awesome!!! How do you play it?''

Me and other friend: ''Nooooooo.... it's an album, it's an album!!!''

I'm sure we're not the only one who had this situation before!! Do you ever have those stupid Queen moments?

Saturday, May 25

Queen shirts available at C&A

Is there a C&A in your town? Well... run! There are Queen shirts available! Altough it are men's shirts I'll try to find some too, but they're not available in my small village! Now, I'm really honest with this, I went back 2 days in a row to ask if they're REALLY not available in the local store. I want them so much!!

Do you want those Queen shirts?

Sunday, May 12

Spread the Queenfanism!

How to spread the Queenfanism in 6 easy steps..

1. Wear your Queen shirt, your Queen pants, yout Queen socks, your Queen underwear and your Queen hat. Always. No matter where you are.

2. Buy the biggest boombox you can find, walk around with it and spread the beats of Hot Space! Woohoo. Body language! Budududuuuu duduuuu duduuuu duduuu dududududu duuduuduu.

3. Grow a fredstache. Even the ladies!

4. Sing along with step 2. Loud, very loud.

5.  Introduce yourself as ''Hello my name is [name] and I am a Queen fan'' to everyone.

6. Do not take the previous 5 steps too seriously.

Friday, May 10

Your daily dose of Queen on facebook


Do you know the facebook page Queen LOLs? It's a facebook page with funny Queen jokes on daily base. I say, check it out now, it's worth liking!

Sunday, May 5

Queen fan shopping

One can never have enough Queen merchandise, isn't it? Check out this items I found on the internet

Queen Matryoshka!

A pointless but still funny kind of artwork, isn't it? Buy it here.

I like Queen and...

Just curious... what kind of music do you like beside Queen. I personally also like (psy)trance (Hol Baumann, Beats Antique, Faithless) and a lot of bellydance music. What about you guys!?

Tuesday, February 26

Freddie Mercury's grave has been found!

Just a very petite comeback here for this news. It seems like they have found the grave [burried ashes] of Freddie, you can find it at Kensel Green Cemetry in West-London!

Do you want to visit it?

Tuesday, October 2

Freddie in Epic Rap Battles

My friend Sander told me about this video. It's a ''battle'' between our Freddie and Frank Sinatra. I find it very funny, altough I think (almost) every ''objection'' towards Freddie is a compliment actually. What do you guys think?
And behind the scenes...

Friday, September 28

Monday, September 24

Extreme Happiness because of Queen

Okay guys, I just started to listen some Queen songs live. I heard them before of course, but now I am crying of happyness. Why? Why? I have no idea. But I am feeling so extremely good right now I just wanted to share with you guys.

Can Queen make you this happy too?



Sunday, September 23

John Deacon singing!

Ever asked yourself how Queen would sound if John was singing too? Well... check it out here! Cute, isn't it?

Saturday, September 8

Review! 40 years of Queen

Okay guys, brace yourselves, this is the longest item I have ever written. But the subject... well... the most valuable Queen-related thing I own! The book 40 years of Queen! You're awesome if you've read the whole item

I am really proud to be owner of this beauty, my ex-boyfriend (not ex- at the time ahah) gave it to me for my birthday (9th if June). This book costs 40 euros! That's incredibly much for a 17 year-old like me. This means the first disadvantage: the book is incredibly expensive! But I can already tell you, it's worth the price by far! But first; let's look at the book!

The book is in a very luxury box. The only think I don't like is the big white square on the underside. It includes the price, the publisher ( Lidobooks) and the ISBN (978941301186). The rest of the box is super beautiful, it includes the Queen crest in silver and grey. I think the box really typifies what Queen is; luxury.

The first page includes a dvd (not indicated) wich includes an interview with the band members of one hour. It's a really interesting interview about the beginning of Queen and their relation to each other. I don't know more details about the interview because the disc is not indicated to the book, but it's clear the interview is from the beginning of the 1980's. The first page also includes a purple and gold poster. I love it!

The first chapter is The Early Years (as you can see on the picture above). The book tells us about the

Thursday, September 6

Hungarian Rhapsody

The news of HR came during my blogger stop, but for those who haven't heard of it before... I can write a 1000-words item about it, but the promo video says enough! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5

Freddie for a day 2012

It's kindof a struggle to put this picture of me online. But okey, because it's Freddie for a Day! I didn't have any sponsors but I found myself enough Queen fan to buy a fake moustache and wear it during a trip trough the city of Groningen. Just for fun. Oh... I also Freddiealised some other things....

Tuesday, September 4

Freddies birthday

Freddie would be 66 now :( I don't really know how to say this, I think happy 66th birthday doesn't sound right, does it? Anyway, today is also Freddie for a Day, do you join it today? I didn't, I know, really bad because I promised, but I have my reasons. If you would like to, you can scroll down for a lot of Freddie pics, quotes and videos.  If too sentimental just do what you want to do! Happy birthday Freddie, we still love you too!

Saturday, September 1

Roger's (ex-)lovers

Oh guys.. I am the worst Queen fan in the world. I tweeted with Sarina Potgieter, the girlfriend/wife/whatever of Roger Taylor. And I didn't know who she was so I asked if she was a Queen fan too ¬¬. Please Queen fans, forgive me! Thanks Kashmira for telling me who she is, I feel so stupid now! I was only thinking about the fact her name looks so much like the name of a friend of me!!! So... well, this is a good introduction to talk about... Roger's (ex-lovers!)

A list of Rogers lovers, excluding affairs and flirts, because honestly, that list is endless (sorry sorry, it's just true);

Debbie Harry

Vocalist and lead singer for the then punk rock/new wave band Blondie. Also famous for

Thursday, August 30

Brian May, skateboarder. And other pasttimes.

On skateboard 1989
We all know Brian May as the guitarist. But did you know Brian didn't/doesn't only spent his time by playing guitar? A couple of Brian facts you may not heard before.

Waiting for Queen's big break, Brian taught math and science at a school. Pupils remember: ''Mr May having the same haircut as now'' and he ''played guitar in the staffroom at lunchtime''. Do you want him as teacher now? Well... I do!

Brian was (?) a pretty good skateboarder. He spent hours and hours learning new tricks on his skateboard.

Brian loves reading and writing. That's not really a surprise, he has a soapbox and he wrote a book! (Bang!)

He played piano since age 5 and ukelele at age 6!
Brian collects stereo photographs. If you would like to know more about this, click here.

This just can't be a suprise: Brian loves animals and does a lot to help them!

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Tuesday, August 28

The meaning of Bohemian Rhapsody

''Mamaaa, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he's dead. Mamaaaaaa, live had just begun. And now I'm gonna throw it aaaaal awaaaay!''

In a warm august day in 1975 Queen was rehearsing at a rented house in Herefordshire. They were working on their 4th album, so called ''A Night At The Opera''. When back in Rockfield (to record the songs) Freddie spontaneously started to play a not-rehearsed song on the piano. This song would become one of the worlds most famous songs ever. Bohemian Rhapsody.
But... what is it about? No one actually knows, Freddie never told it to us. Like what mostly happens with mysteries, people started guessing and making theories.
The most famous theory about the meaning of this song is that Scaramouche, Galileo Galilei, Beezlebub and Figaro refer to the band members. Scaramouche the sad clown would refer to Freddie. Galileo Galilei would refer to Brian, Figaro (the cat from Pinocchio) to John and Beezlebub to John. This theory also tells us that the line ''mama, just killed a man'' would refer to the fact Freddie stopped hiding his homosexuality. I heard this theory was actually told to Freddie, but as far as I know Freddie never gave a response to that.
For me, the intro sounds like a dream. A dream that tells about live (look up to the skies and see). Freddie tells ''he'' is a poor boy and doesn't need symphaty, easy come, easy go, little high, little low. For me it sounds like the path of life (anywhere the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me). But mama, he killed a man. He put a gun against his head, pulled the trigger now he's dead. Something

Saturday, August 25

Personal: Mum, I drew Brian May.


I got a great book from the library called ''Tekenen als Hobby'' (Eng: Drawing is my hobby). This book is an easy guide to learn how to make portraits. I am actually not really good at drawing so I hoped this book would help me. This Brian portrait is the second (and the last on the moment) portrait I made with this book. I am quite happy with it, it isn't perfect, but still beter than I ever did.l

This is the picture I used. Just because it was the easiest portrait do draw! I made it slightly different.

I made this portrait in I think 1 hour. That's really slow for me xD. My plans are to make the drawing again and again and try to make it better, and at the end I want to paint it on canvas. What do you guys think of the idea?

When my mother saw the drawing she said; ''You made him more beautiful than he really his!'' Oh mum! xD

I have some step-by-step photos by accident. I always photograph my drawings during drawing, so I can see if I draw it the right way! So, here some pics:

Thursday, August 23

How to make your own Freddie statue?

Credits are not mine actually, I found this project on facebook and I think the maker (Andy Sparks) did a great job! For me this is absolutely inspiration and I hope for you guys too!

I only post photos, because the actualy tutorial already excists! Check it out here!

Tuesday, August 21

Test! Which Queen member are you?

I love tests, everybody knows the answers are total nonsense, and still fun to make them and check the answer! So... as a continuation to the Queen fan check list,  this test; which Queen member are you?


The rules are really easy, just write down if you chose A, B, C or D for every question.

What is/was your favourite lesson at school?

         A) Art, my dear.
         B) Technology
         C) Maths
         D) Biology

What do you like to do in your spare time?

        A) Design clothes
        B) Designing new technologic gadgets
        C) Skateboarding
        D) Dating


Queen  Nesting Dolls 5pc matryoshka doll  free shipping

I think most of you guys have some standard Queen merchandise (including me!!!), but what if you want something original and unique? I looked up some original items, designed for the real Queen fan! And MUCH! Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, August 19

Happy Birthday John Deacon!

Today -august 19- it's the 61st birthday of John Deacon! Happy birthday John! You are the best bass-player in the world :)

Saturday, August 18

Mario, Queen of the Circus! +videos

Yesterday afternoon I went to ''Op 'e Sjouwer'', ''Op 'e Sjouwer'' is a Frisian streettheatre-festival which is very popular and loved. This year's theme was ''winter''. Quite ironic because it was over 30 °C (86 °F) that day, wich is one of the highest temperatures possible in the Netherlands. I traveled to the vlecke Joure (In Frisia we also have vleckes, next to villages and cities) to see some performances.

Just 15 minutes before traveling to Joure, my mother told me ''Mario, Queen of the Circus'' would perform there, so I took my camera with me -not knowing what to expect- to film Mario's performance.

''Mario is the creation and alter ego of Clarke McFarlane, a New Jersey-born and New York City-schooled performer. First developed for the Off-Broadway hit Planet Banana, the character of Mario went solo in 2005 with his outdoor international festival show. Mario: Queen Of The Circus quickly became a festival favorite and has toured solidly since its inception. Mr. McFarlane performs Mario in English, French, German and Spanish and has done so from Eurasia to the Antipodes. ''

At 15:30 me and some other people where waiting in front of a small stage. And... Mario appeared. From that moment it was absolutely clear this would be an

Friday, August 17

DIY: Queen logo with tape!

Hi Guys!

I was in a creative mood tonight, and I thought my room needed something new. As a prospective-Art student I couldn't just put a poster on my wall. So, today we get creative!

This DIY is really easy. This is what you need.

This John Deacon has a great sense of humor!

Just check this out, this is so funny!

His story about the motorcycling is actually even more funny!

Wednesday, August 15

Freddie for a day- Batwing Freddie FULL tutorial

Time for an ultra long item today! So, what we're gonna do? We're going to dress like Freddie in his batwing suit! You guys know I am really pro-Freddie for a Day right? Me and my friend Kashmira worked together to give you guys the best FFAD tutorials! So here is the full Freddie-batwing tutorial including clothing, hair AND make-up!

Part 1) Make up!
Part 2) Clothing!
Part 3) Hair and jewellery

Part 1~ The make up

We begin by doing the make up. The make-up part is fully made by Kashmira! (Thanks Kash 2798729873229 times!)

Queen Live Aid 1985- Backstage

Just a great video, great music and.... a close up of Freddie while singin Bohemian Rhapsody. The camera is so close to his face you can see every irregularity on his skin, you can see the balding places on his head of aging (or it may be mediterannean, because I have it too!), and you can almost count the number of hairs on his moustache!

This video is just great to watch, Freddie is an amazing singer.

Tuesday, August 14

Where is John Deacon?

Oh... another blogpost inspired by a conversation between Kashmira and me (we've got a surprise for you guys soon by the way). We have the best Queen-related conversations ever. So... today time for this question, I think most of you have asked yourself this too or maybe had a discussion about this with anyone... where's Deaky?

There are so many theories about this. Some people think John had a fight with Roger and Brian. Some people think he went depressed. Some think he bought a big landhouse in a sparsely part of England (me!) or that he may moved to Leicester again.

Found him!
I don't know wich theory is true, maybe none of them. But the fact just a couple of people know where he lives says enough for me, he

Monday, August 13

Just a short article in Dutch

This is the 1st and only time I will post in Dutch. Just skip to the article beneath if you don't speak Dutch.

Hey lezers,

Ik schrijf deze post natuurlijk niet zomaar in het Nederlands, daar heb ik een reden voor! Dit komt door mijn nieuwe speeltje genaamd statcounter. Dankzij statcounter weet ik ALLES van degenen die mijn blog lezen (IP adres, welke paginas bekeken, woonplaats etc.). Enenenenen.... wat ontzettend veel Nederlanders! Heel veel Nederlanders. Harstikke leuk! Ben ik echt blij mee.

Zo zag ik bijvoorbeeld een lezer uit Wolvega, dat vind ik harstikke leuk want daar komen mijn roots vandaan en daar kom ik nog regelmatig! Jullie komen echt overal vandaan, Veldhoven, Oosterwolde, Den Bosch, Wolvega, Amsterdam, Dirksland (daar heb ik echt nog nooit van gehoord), Rijnsburg, Drachten zelfs. Helaas nog niemand uit mijn eigen dorp gezien. Toch, ik vind het zo ontzettend leuk dat jullie dit allemaal lezen! Ik vind het echt het leukste als een Nederlander mijn blog leest, tovert wel even een lach op mijn gezicht.

Toch, misschien een beetje arrogant om te vragen, zou ik het leuk vinden eens contact met jullie te hebben. Het lijkt me echt leuk eens te weten wie jullie zijn! Als jullie dat willen natuurlijk. In het mapje contact (bovenin de pagina) staat hoe je me kan bereiken via de mail of twitter als jullie willen.

Lijkt me leuk van julllie te horen!



Queen at the Olympic Closing Ceremony + video

I think most of you have seen the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I'll be honest. I was actually waiting for just one thing... and just 15 minutes past midnight, right after the perfomance of Muse, it came! Freddie! At the end of the video I was really happy, I thought it was the only Queen related thing that would be at the ceremony. But than my mother and I started screaming and yelling in front of the television. ''OH MY GOD, IT'S BRIAN MAY!''.

I think Queen gave a great performance. More than great. I must've been hypnotized by his great guitarwork if the commentator wasn't yelling stupid facts through his performance. And honestly...

Thursday, August 9

Freddie for a day tutorial-I want to Break Free Freddie

I'm planning forward for some blogpost about making Freddie for a Day costumes and I'm preparing a Freddie Mercury make-up tutorial! (From the glamrock period). For today, I WANT TO BREAK FREE FREDDIE!

I want to break free Freddie is no the most subtile look, but in my opinion one of the best! And it's for charity, don't forget that!

Soooo.. how you're gonna look like Drag Freddie? Okay... here we go!